are your ready to

redesign your life?


with Alisha Bradley,

Mind Coach and Lifestyle Curator

Do you feel like you're passively living life?

Are you tired of playing small and not fully living in your purpose?

Are you ready to proactively live your life by your own design?


Alisha Bradley’s 3-Step ABC Methodology is a proven approach to connect with your purpose on a deeper level, evoke a higher level of passion for your life and work, and equip you with life-transforming tools to put into practice immediately. 

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 "I am so fortunate to have found Alisha at the moment that I did because it helped me during a difficult moment in time and helped me reset my mindset.  She's amazing and highly recommended."


With a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from one of the nation's largest psychology-focused graduate schools, and a background in Education and Domestic Violence, Alisha brings extensive clinical and practical expertise to her coaching approach.


Alisha works with high-achieving, big-dreaming individuals, helping them align with their purpose and authenticity; in order to take their personal and professional success to the next level! 

"Create a higher conception of yourself and watch the universe rearrange in your favor."

-Alisha Bradley

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