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Mindset & Manifestation Coach

CEO of ReFind You

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This is for the big dreamers. The visionaries.

Those who don't fit into that square box. 

The ones who see that glimmer of hope when those around them don't.

The ones who see things differently and are at times labeled as delusional.

Your unique views may be met with resistance and negative feedback.

You may polarize people; they may either love or hate you.

But they CANNOT ignore you. 

Because you are an innovator, a change maker, a reality bender.

You believe in the unseen.

Many may see you as crazy. 

But I see you as miracle maker.

Your unwillingness to fit into the normal mold,

your intense desire to create the yet unseen;

this makes you revolutionary. 

If this resonates with you, you're in the perfect place.

We are here to naturalize miracles.

Welcome to ReFind You!


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Learn how you can activate your mind and body in ways that can quickly manifest what you desire to experience!



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like-minded people all supporting each other and creating the lives of their dreams?

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what's stopping you from creating
your dream life?

You may relate to the person described above, but may get caught up in the daily stressors,

fear and doubt that comes along with having a big vision for your life. 

The negative opinions of others may have gotten to you over the years and 

diminished your hope or motivation to create the life you truly desire. 

At ReFind You, you'll gain the insight and tools to finally bring that scary vision into reality once and for all! You will learn how to confidently manifest what has been in your imagination for so long with Alisha's transformational products and coaching services.

Using her evidence-based methodology, Alisha merges scientific and spiritual laws to assist you with tapping into your own miracle making abilities. Ultimately manifesting the life you've been longing to experience.

 "I am so fortunate to have found Alisha at the moment that I did because it helped me during a difficult moment in time and helped me reset my mindset.  She's amazing and highly recommended."


With a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from one of the nation's largest psychology-focused graduate schools, and a background in Education and Domestic Violence, Alisha brings extensive clinical and practical expertise to her coaching approach.


Alisha works with high-achieving, big-dreaming individuals, helping them align with their purpose and authenticity; in order to take their personal and professional success to the next level! 


Create a higher conception of yourself and watch the universe rearrange in your favor.


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