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minds making miracles apprenticeship

includes twelve 1-hour coaching sessions

(approx. 3 months)

$5000 investment

Is there a large gap between the life you currently live and the life you desire to experience?

Are you feeling stuck and powerless when it comes to successfully closing that gap? 

Maybe you understand the power of manifestation and the law of attraction,

but can't seem to successfully implement these concepts in your day-to-day life? 

The Minds Making Miracles Coaching Apprentice Program may be for you.

There is extreme power when two brilliant minds come together and focus on a set of desired goals. 

This is how miracles are made!

As you work with Alisha, she will educate and nudge you

in the direction of your desired experience in ways no one else has.

As she highlights your unique strengths and zones of genius,

you collectively extract the brilliant ideas and strategies needed to bring your dream into reality.

In this co-creative process, you will create experiences that at first feel like miracles,

and eventually become your new normal.

By the end of your time in this program you will:

  • Learn the science and art of manifestation and how to apply it to your daily life

  • Have access to Alisha's online manifestation course (modules work alongside coaching to deepen experience and increase efficiency)

  • Learn how to stay laser focused on your big goal, and apply daily practices to foster its actualization

  • Learn how to expand your imagination in ways that make you think bigger and play bigger

  • Gain significantly increased clarity and confidence 

  • Cultivate your faith in ways you never have before

  • Co-create seemingly impossible miracles with Alisha!


"I had been putting off writing my book for about 2ish years! I never felt like I had the talent or the knowledge or the resources for it to really be successful, so there was no real sense of urgency in getting it done.
Well, Alisha challenged me to spend time thinking about the mission of the project.
After considering these things I was compelled to move forward in a way that I had not been before. I knew that I could not put it off another day. Not even another moment. I got to work on it.
I believe that God used Alisha to be a spiritual midwife for me to help me birth the book that had been in my heart to do for so long. I am grateful for her coaching, and also now her friendship."

"During my time with Alisha I began a new career - one that she played a huge part in fostering (called her for advice and her response was invaluable), I dropped many of the labels I had attached to myself allowing a new type of freedom in self evaluation, and she guided me to a place where I feel like myself in all situations, no longer divided by the many
fighting perspectives I carry."

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