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Alisha offers specially curated tools or activations to help you

consciously create aka manifest!


According to extensive research in neuroscience and quantum physics, in order to create a specific experience in our

3-D physical reality, we have to activate our brains and senses as if that experience is already happening.

Our brains actually believe what we suggest to it,

whether we're consciously or unconsciously doing it.

It's been scientifically validated thousands of times over, that we have to observe the reality we desire to experience in our imagination before it actually unfolds into a physical manifestation.


The issue for most of us is we're unconsciously observing and assuming experiences will happen,

and then unknowingly manifesting them into our lives. Then we find ourselves unhappy with many circumstances that surround us, not understanding the true power we have to consciously create different experiences and

transform our lives altogether! 

This aligns with all scientific and spiritual laws. It has been proven over and over again.

But how does one go about activating themselves in this way?...

Read below to learn about the various ways you can immediately begin activating your mind and body to manifest the reality you desire to experience! 

Alisha wants to make these activations as accessible as possible, 

below you'll find her free resources you can begin using immediately. 



What is sleeping meditation?

Sleeping meditations consist of a series of looped positive affirmations you listen to while you're asleep. 


Sleeping meditations are designed to assist you with reprogramming your subconscious core-belief system to align it with a healthier, happier and truer version of yourself and the world around you.

11 million bits of information stream through the subconscious mind in any given second, and the majority of that information is being dictated by your programming. Sleeping meditation modifies your programming to decrease the amount of negative subconscious thoughts streaming through your

mind every second.

What is programming?

All the data you've absorbed over your lifespan.

All your experiences with parents, family, relationships, money, career,

self-concept, self-worth, concept of others, etc.  

Much of the data you absorbed happened when you were between the ages of conception-7 years old. That's when you were like a sponge, taking in everything around you.


You've also inherited the data from your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Because this data translates to habits of thoughts and emotions in the body, it becomes a habituated part of our DNA and gets passed down genetically through generations (many call this phenomena "generational curses").  

Your programming created thoughts and emotions which then became the building blocks of your core belief system.

Ultimately, these experiences created a specific understanding of yourself and the world around you that's embedded in your subconscious mind and showing up in your physical body and genetics. 


Sleeping meditation is used to shift your subconscious negative programming to a healthier and happier experience.

As you listen to the sleeping meditation consistently for at least 21 days

(the average timeframe to create a new habit of thoughts),

you'll feel a significant shift in your overall energy.


Because your programming will officially be different and involve more

loving and positive thoughts about yourself and others.

Why listen during sleep? 

While you're asleep, your subconscious mind is a lot more receptive to new information. During your waking hours, it has increased resistance to new suggestions. Even though positive affirmations during your waking hours can be highly effective, it's a lot easier to absorb these positive new suggestions while you're asleep and your subconscious is significantly more permeable.

To the left you'll see a few sleeping meditation tracks Alisha has specially curated for different topics. If you have questions feel free to check out

parts I & II of her guides to sleeping meditation.

(If you have more questions, be sure to read the comments in the videos from her YouTube subscribers who have used her sleeping meditations for months, there's lots of helpful and REAL feedback in there!)


guided meditations
and visualizations

Guided meditations and visualizations are a great way to activate the mind and body in a short period of time. 

These types of activations allow you to be guided through an immersive experience that's designed to stimulate your senses and expand your imagination. All for the purpose of tricking your mind to believe what you desire is already happening.

During these activations you'll feel like you're actually where you want to be, who you want to be with, and doing what you've dreamed of doing; 

and it will BE REAL in your mind and body. 

This is how you can create new habits of thought and emotion in your body. This is how you can proactively change your genetics to align with more positive experiences in your physiology.


This is also a very effective way to speed up your manifestation goals - by aligning yourself vibrationally with the experience you wish to live.

To the right you'll see various guided experiences covering many topics. As you listen to these, be sure to allow your emotions and senses to be activated. Feel it real in your body. This is what makes these activations effective when it comes to conscious manifesting. 



A subliminal track involves layers of positive whispered affirmations (looping every 10-15 minutes) in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person (ie.- "I", "You", and "We").

Since the subconscious mind is so unfathomably high-functioning, it can take in these subliminals at a rapid rate and absorb these messages easily. Just because you're not able to consciously decipher all the words, your subconscious mind can. Just be sure to listen to this when you're able to relax your mind and body.

All of Alisha's subliminal tracks include binaural beat sounds that assist with bringing the brain to a more relaxed state to receive the subliminal messages with more ease. 

The subliminal tracks to your left are shorter in length and focused on different topics. 

At the top you'll find a video explaining subliminals in more detail. 

Alisha also offers personalized sleeping subliminal tracks that last up to 8-hours in length. 

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