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7-day money miracle course

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money miracle

This course takes you through 7 days of powerful exercises and prayers to assist you with tapping into the inner experience of wealth, abundance and prosperity! 

Abundance is our birthright as believers of Christ!
Are you ready to tap into it in a new way?

Alisha initially designed this as an experiment in 2019 with 10 individuals who were looking to create money miracles in their lives.

Scroll down to see the amazing money miracles her group collectively experienced during her experiment. 

Because it was so successful, she decided to package it as a course to assist people like you who are looking to connect with the divine in new ways to open up to the flow of abundance and prosperity everyday!

what's included?

-7 daily exercises
-7 powerful daily decrees
-7 daily prayers
-7 daily inspirational videos to keep you engaged and focused!
-Quality guided meditations and visualizations 

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