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Sp (special person)


self-study course

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No matter your circumstances, this course will give you all the tools you need to shift out of your current unfavorable circumstances in your love life and prepare for a relationship that aligns with what God desires for you! 

Alisha incorporates her clinical psychology expertise, neuroscience research and scientific & scriptural laws. She's also carefully curated various "activations"
(like guided meditations and visualizations) to assist you with successfully and instantaneously embodying the version of yourself that you desire to be!

This is the key to becoming prepared for your dream relationship and aligning it!

"This is the exact combo of tools I used to get in alignment with the version of myself that's attractive, confident, desirable and 
completely ready for my dream partner!
And this is the formula I used to release all toxicity and pain from previous partners!

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what's included?


-7 daily intentions
-7 powerful daily decrees
-7 interactive daily activations
-7 daily inspirational videos to keep you motivated!

-Powerful guided meditations and visualizations to activate your mind, body and emotions to align with the partner God has for you!


see some real success stories!


Below are examples of women who have implemented Alisha's guidance and seen major success!!


and yes, Alisha had the honor of  officiating their wedding!

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