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Sp (special person)


self-study course

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Are you wanting your ex back?

Or maybe you want to transition from friends-with-benefits to a more serious and committed relationship? 

Or maybe you've had a crush and they don't yet know you exist?

No matter your circumstances, this course will give you all the tools you need to shift out of your current unfavorable circumstances with your SP into the dream relationship you've always desired!

Not only has Alisha used this same exact formula to manifest her ex back and also create the desired personality changes she wanted in herself and her SP, 
she's helped many others do the same. 

She incorporates her clinical psychology expertise, neuroscience research, and the scientific & spiritual laws of conscious manifestation. 
She's also carefully curated various "activations"
(like guided meditations and visualizations) to assist you with successfully and instantaneously embodying the version of yourself that you desire to be!

This is the key to consciously creating the changes you desire in your life!

"This is the exact combo of activations I used to manifest the love of my life and all of the transformative healing experiences in ourselves individually and our relationship as a whole.
This is my secret to my relationship success!

I’m happier than ever with my man and I want you to experience the healing effects of these activations as I have!"


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what's included?

-A guided experience to assist you with manifesting your dream partner! 

Whether you're wanting to manifest your ex back, your crush, or just have an idea of the type of partner you want, this applies to you! 


-7 daily intentions
-7 powerful daily affirmations
-7 interactive daily activations
-7 daily inspirational videos to keep you motivated!

-Powerful guided meditations and visualizations to activate your mind, body and emotions to align with your manifestation goals!


read some real success stories!


What was once a 7-day SP challenge 

in Alisha's Heaven on Earth vip private Facebook group,

is now packaged in a course with a tried-and-true methodology supporting it's effectiveness. 

Alisha used the data and feedback from the group to create an even more powerful experience for you!

Read below through some testimonials made by the group members during the course of the challenge...

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