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14-day healthy body image course

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healthy body

image COURSE

Research has proven that we have the power to master our health and physicality through our concentrated thoughts and intentions. 

In Alisha's Body Image Course,
you'll spend 14 days with her guidance to becoming head over heels in love with your miraculous body,

and understanding the simple process of creating alterations in your inner and outer body through the power of your thoughts.

She incorporated her clinical psychology expertise, neuroscience, and the scientific & spiritual laws of manifestation to curate her effective 3-step formula to initiating deliberate change in specific areas of your body:

Phase #1: 

Connecting with your body

Phase #2:
​Initiating healing

Phase #3:

Isolated stimulation

She's also curated various "activations" (like guided meditations and visualizations) to assist you with successfully implementing this 3-step formula to your day-to-day life.

what's included?

-14 daily intentions
-14 super powerful daily affirmations
-14 interactive daily decrees
-14 daily inspirational videos to keep you engaged and focused!
-Quality guided meditations and visualizations (including the 3-step formula to body harmonization) 
-All the tools you need to master your body with your thoughts and intentions by shifting it into it's most healthiest state! 

Body Image Course promo.jpg

alisha's personal success story

"I was inspired to create this course because I myself have gone through a miraculous transformation within my body and overall body image!

From being overly-critical of my body (especially after having 2 babies), 

 dealing with constant unpredictable allergic reactions since childhood,

frequent colds (including the COVID-19 virus),

 an "incurable" auto-immune disorder;

to not experiencing allergies at all, completely obliterating the auto-immune disorder symptoms in my body,

and experiencing a solid and strong immune system where I RARELY get colds now!

Overtime I've researched, experimented and eventually developed a formula that not only helped me love my body in ways I never have before, but also make the desired modifications to my health and physical appearance. 

This formula only involved my thoughts, no fad diets or super restrictive lifestyle; 

just tapping into the power of my mind. 

As time progressed and I shifted into the mindset where I felt healthy and happy in my body, 

my choices towards my body changed and I was naturally motivated to eat better, drink more water,

engage in inspired physical activity,  and have an overall desire to treat my temple honorably

(and I didn't have to force any diets or exercise regimens to make that happen).


We all have the ability to completely change how we feel in our bodies and how our bodies' function.

I want to guide you through the same process I took to shift the way I existed in my body,

without all of the roadblocks and unnecessary setbacks. 

Are you ready to be the healthiest and happiest you've ever been in your body? 

Let's goooo!!"


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