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At the Heaven on Earth VIP group, we are here to support you in your journey of being a master manifestor and creating Heaven on earth in your everyday life! 

Being a conscious creator is a lifestyle, and at Heaven on Earth VIP

you're given all the tools and support to sustain the life of being a master manifestor.

As a member, you can lean into a collective of like-minded conscious creators, we are here for you! 

Many of us deal with subconscious negative self-concepts . The ideas around who we are as individuals, who we are in relationships and who we are in the world are deeply embedded in many of our subconscious minds. These negative conceptions about ourselves can create serious blocks, interfering with our ability to consciously create amazing experiences in our relationships, in our professional lives, and in our everyday happenings. 

Alisha designed this private group to support your journey with reprogramming your subconscious mind by disrupting some of those strongholds that have been keeping you from feeling worthy, feeling deserving and feeling amazing as you navigate your everyday. 

In this group you have access to all current and past guided challenges,

and you have discounted access to all of Alisha's courses! 


During these challenges and courses, you'll learn:

1) The effects of the negative generational self-conceptions on our subconscious minds and overall biology 

2) The science behind manifestation and how to leverage it to tap into the vibrational flow of confidence and a high self-concept

3) Actionable steps to create a new, positive relationship with yourself and those around you 

During each challenge you have access to:

1) Daily morning intentions and affirmations

2) Daily activations to break out of your habitual relationship with yourself

3) FB lives involving live coaching sessions 


Are you ready?? Let’s go! 👑👑👑 

Heaven on Earth VIP group is now FREE!


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