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mindset check coaching 

includes 2 one-hour coaching sessions

$1000 investment


Do you feel stuck and can't figure out how to unstick?

Or maybe you're in a momentary rut and you're struggling to build momentum again.

Mindset Check Coaching helps create instant shifts in the way you perceive and interpret your current circumstances. When we change our perspective, even if only by 1%,  

we open ourselves up to an entirely new world with new possibilities. 

It only takes a small shift in thinking to open us back up to our own inner-knowing; 

ultimately redirecting us back to our destined path.

If you could use a quick adjustment and a few nudges to help redirect and propel you forward,

then Mindset Check Coaching is for you! 


"Alisha helped me set my priorities and goals in order.
Thanks to her I finally feel organized and ready for anything!"

"After considering the challenges Alisha presented during coaching,
I was compelled to move forward in a way that I had not been before."

 "I am so fortunate to have found Alisha at the moment that I did because it helped me during a difficult moment in time and helped me reset my mindset.
She's amazing and highly recommended."

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