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1:1 Coaching

"I believe God used Alisha to be a  spiritual midwife for me to help me birth the  

book that had been in my heart for so long. Five months after I started working with Alisha I published my book.

A dream come true! "


Former Client

Author of Amazon Best Selling Book

your current reality

Did you know your current reality is your own manifestation? You've designed what you're experiencing in your life in some way, whether it be positive or negative. You have responsibility for what happens in your personal living situation, your career, your relationships and the majority of the circumstances surrounding you.


This level of responsibility can be uncomfortable to receive, but is an invitation to accept a heightened level of accountability. If you're able to get past your initial resistance you'll be able to see that, since you are responsible for what's happening in your life, you also have the power to change and create whatever it is you desire to experience!


You have the power! Are you utilizing it optimally? 

If you aren't willing to embrace this level of accountability, coaching with Alisha is not for you at this moment. This is for you if you're ready to acknowledge and accept this responsibility. Your ability to manifest what you desire starts with this initial step. 

Many people leave this earth without having created what they dream of in their imagination. 

This doesn't apply to Alisha's clients! 


The sole purpose of coaching with Alisha is to work together to co-create the big, scary vision you've been gifted with. Is this something you're ready for? 

Alisha's mission is to help her clients get more closely connected to their purpose and to live in their truth according to Divine order and Biblical wisdom.

She helps you change your default habits and continue to create the life you dream of living but haven't yet fully attained. She's gifted with the ability to help you access your own power and boldly step into it. 

Alisha shows you it's possible to live a life according to your own Divine design, helping you co-create the seemingly impossible by masterminding with God!

clients' results

the mission

-One of Alisha's clients dreamed of being a published author; spreading awareness about how faith applied practically can transform women's weight loss journeys. Within 5 months of hiring Alisha, her book was written and published; debuting as #1 on Amazon Hot New Releases and the Amazon Best Seller's list. 

-The Director of Operations at a well-known restaurant in Chicago got laid off while she was working with Alisha. Her life was turned upside down. She always wanted to create a career according to her desired lifestyle, but never thought it was possible. Less than 2 weeks after losing her job, she launched a jewelry business, and secured a contracting position doing what she loved with less working hours and doubled revenue! She confessed, "For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I have faith in something greater than me". 

-Having been in a longterm abusive relationship, it was extremely difficult for Alisha's client to believe it was possible to find a loyal, trustworthy partner she could happily share her life with. After 6 months of revealing and releasing the strongholds that were holding her back from being open to a secure relationship, she found a partner that was everything she dreamed of! They are now living in a happy, healthy relationship and she's still in awe of how "perfect" her partner is for her. 

Coaching options

Alisha has standard coaching packages (see below) and customizable coaching packages according to your specific needs and desires. All customized coaching programs require a minimum commitment of 3 months. 

the investment

Alisha's coaching is not for everybody. It is for those willing to invest their time and energy in the process of creating transformational results. 

When you're ready to explore the opportunity to transform your life, you will know it. 

You may not know it now and that is fine. If there isn't a sense of urgency to begin living life by your design, then it may not be time for you to seek one-on-one coaching. Alisha has a variety of additional online educational resources and an online community. These are great first steps to building the life of your desires!  


If you do feel it's time for you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities, Alisha is happy to connect with you about what you intend on creating this year! 

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