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manifestation master course

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Do you have a big vision for your life? 


Does this vision feel almost impossible to attain? Do you feel stuck, as if everything you’ve tried to change your circumstances hasn’t worked?

Then this course is for you!

In this course, Alisha will guide you through her proven ABC methodology process that will equip you with easily applicable tools to begin creating the life of your dreams. This is the same process she takes all of her coaching clients through; packaged in bite-sized digestible sections. 


In this self-paced online course, you’ll learn the science behind manifestation and simple processes that can be applied immediately. You’ll learn easy mind hacks to create transformative shifts in your brain and body to align you with the life you truly desire to live.

This course is designed for you if you’re ready to translate the abstract concepts of manifestation and the law of attraction to practical day-to-day implementation. Using the ABC Methodology, you’ll be guided through a true-and-tried proven process where you:

1) Reveal your big and possibly intimidating vision of your dream life

2) Release the blockages that are interfering with attaining your dream life

3) Renew your sense of self, your faith and the way you interact with the universe around you


By the end of this course, you will be a master manifestor, with the ability to confidently create the life that’s only existed in your dreams thus far.



What to Expect from this Course:

  • 10 modules (a total of 38 video lessons) of never seen content that will guide you through the process of becoming a master manifestor.

  • A better understanding of the science behind manifestation, the laws of attraction and assumption; and how to more effectively interact with the universe within you and around you.

  • How to more effectively engage in high-level imaginative play; significantly expanding your vision of your dream life.

  • Powerful guided visualization exercises that’ll create positive shifts in your brain and body; aligning you with the life you desire to experience.

  • How to identify and release the blockages and unhelpful habits that are in the way of you accessing the life you desire using evidence-based techniques and modalities. 

  • All the tools needed to effectively begin manifesting your desires in a renewed way.

  • Fun manifestation experiments that’ll build your confidence as a master manifestor!

course breakdown

Module 1: intro

  • Lesson 1: Welcome

  • Lesson 2: Utilizing This Course to Get Optimal Results 

  • Lesson 3: ABC Methodology

Module 2: The Science Behind Manifestation 

  • Lesson 1: Merging Science and Spirituality to Create your Dream Life 

  • Lesson 2: The Quantum Universe  

  • Lesson 3: The Spiritual Realm 

  • Lesson 4: Your Brain and the Quantum Field 

  • Lesson 5: Emotional Habits and Manifestation 

  • Lesson 6: The Power of your Imagination 

  • Lesson 7: Visualization and the Quantum/Spiritual Universe 

Module 3: Reveal

  • Lesson 1: Becoming Limitless 

  • Lesson 2: Getting Clear on your Truest Desires 

  • Lesson 3: Expanding your Imagination 

  • *Bonus: "Activate the Pineal Gland" Guided Visualization Exercise 

  • Lesson 4: Details and More Details 

  • Lesson 5: "Perfect Life" Guided Visualization Exercise 

  • Lesson 6: Revealing your Limitations

  • Lesson 7: Core Beliefs 

  • Lesson 8: Unhelpful Emotional Habits 

  • Lesson 9: Environmental Influences 

Module 4: Release 

  • Lesson 1: Releasing Unhelpful Core Beliefs 

  • Lesson 2: Using CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Technique) to Change Unhelpful Beliefs 

  • Lesson 3: Automatic Thought Reframing Exercise 

  • Lesson 4: "Releasing Unhelpful Emotional Habits" Guided Visualization Exercise 

Module 5: renew

  • Lesson 1: Renewing your Concept of Self 

  • Lesson 2: "My True Self" Guided Visualization Exercise 

  • Lesson 3: Thought and Emotion Congruence 

  • Lesson 4: Checking your Language 

  • Lesson 5: Assessing your Environment 

  • Lesson 6: Beginning your Day from the End 

  • Lesson 7: Revising your Day

  • Lesson 8: "Revising the Day" Guided Visualization Exercise 

  • Lesson 9: Renewing your Faith in What's Real 

Module 6: 48-hour manifestation experiment 

Lesson 1: Experiment Time! 

Module 7: Money Manifestation Experiment 

Lesson 1: Experiment Time! 

module 8: Relationship Manifestation Experiment

  • Lesson 1: Getting Clear on your Vision of your Dream Partner 

  • Lesson 2: Releasing Strongholds from Past Partners 

  • Lesson 3: "Releasing Strongholds" Guided Visualization Exercise 

  • Lesson 4: Purification Process

  • Lesson 5: Your Dream Partner

  • Lesson 6: "My Dream Partner" Guided Visualization Exercise 

module 9: You are a master Manifestor! 

  • Lesson 1: Steps Going Forward 

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