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Not yet ready to dive into 1:1 coaching? 

Are you looking for ways to consistently cultivate clarity, balance and resiliency in your

mind, body and spirit on a budget?

ReFind You offers a plethora of ways to do the necessary work to get shifted and lifted!

ebook title.jpg

"keys to creation"

ebook and video guide

Emerging into your Authenticity.png

emerging into your authenticity ebook

Stress Alleviation Google (1).png

creating miracles during a pandemic

online workshop

End of season sale! (1).png

royally realigned 

30-day challenge

Refind You AF Zazzle .jpg

refind af!

21-day guided visualization plan

Reveal, Release & Renew.png

Reveal, Release & Renew:

the proven process to creating the life of your dreams


Online manifestation course

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