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refind AF 21-day guided visualization plan

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Do you find yourself having a hard time staying positive throughout your day?

You may start  your day off on a great note, but gradually feel your mood and energy decline as the day goes on. Many of us go through this daily journey of feeling out of control of our thoughts and overall mood.

When we feel ourselves going through this, we've officially entered into the cycle of unconsciousness. 

Where we aren't fully conscious of the thoughts we're allowing to stream through our minds.

As we're unconsciously thinking, this leaves the door open for all types of unhelpful (and many times negative) information to enter into our consciousness and guide how we think, feel and behave. 

The key to stopping this perpetuating cycle is to take ourselves out of that unconscious autopilot mode and begin deliberately feeding our minds with information that will promote good feelings and behavior. 

That's exactly why I created this 21-day plan!

Guided visualization has been proven to restructure the way our brains function, 

ultimately creating a happy brain that promotes feel-good emotions and success breeding behavior.

This 21-day plan will give you the necessary tools to become conscious of the information you allow into your mind; resulting in you feeling better, thinking better and creating opportunities for yourself that are aligned with your highest good!

The definition of Refined is:

with impurities or unwanted elements having been removed.


synonyms include:

enlightened, purified, clarified, discerning, perceptive, exquisite, selective

And that's exactly how you will feel once you complete this 21-day plan!

By the end of this ReFind AF plan, you will feel enlightened, have more clarity of thought and emotion, be more perceptive and discerning about the things that aren't serving you, and will be a lot more selective of the things you allow in your mind and in your space.

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