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royally realigned 30-day challenge

There's been a trend going on for some time, where people address each other as "Queen" or "King",

as a way to express respect and gratitude for each other. I love this trend!


But, do you sometimes have difficulty embracing this "Queen or King" title?

Do you sometimes have a hard time embracing the level of authority and reverence that comes with it?

During this current world crisis, it's so easy to fall into a place where we're feeling less worthy, less motivated and less hopeful that our future is bright and abundant. 

This is a time when many of us may feel spiritually and emotionally drained.

Where we forget that we are divinely royal and have authority over this universe and how it responds to us. 


I created this 30-day challenge to help you activate your ability to lean into your royalty in a new way.

In  a way that demands the universe to show up for you and serve you; all while knowing that it's working in your favor and rearranging itself for your best interest always.

I want you to experience this level of conviction and excitement about what the universe has in store for you. By the end of this 30-day challenge, you will feel increased confidence, faith and excitement for the future.


Are you ready to get Royally Realigned?


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