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"I don't yet know you, but I do know you're a go-getter! You're aware of your ability to create and have leveraged your creative power to design your life thus far. You've broken through barriers and have overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. You are a natural leader and a force to be reckoned with! Bravo to your resilience and all you've accomplished!


You know you have the potential to take it to the next level and design the life of your dreams (both personally and professionally), but you may feel overwhelmed with the thought of taking on more work and exerting more energy. You feel you don't have the bandwidth or a clear strategy to bring your big vision into reality, so you may settle for less in some areas of your life.


If this resonates with you, you don't have to settle any longer! It's time to truly master the art of creation with less physical effort, more deliberate intention and heightened intuition. It's time to work smarter, not harder!


It's my mission to help you create the experiences you desire in a way that flows with your true authentic nature. My comprehensive and customized coaching process will help you create exponential growth towards your goals within a year!"


if you're ready to create the change you desire, here are some ways alisha can support you:

1:1 coaching

Are you ready to truly transform the way you experience your day to day life? Are you interested in learning how to redesign your life to align with your truth and purpose? Coaching is for those who are ready for change and are willing to make the time and energetic commitment to create that change. 

1:1 Coaching offers you an individualized intensive experience where you'll be challenged to release your blocks and step into your highest self. Are you ready to finally bring your dreams into reality? 

group coaching

Alisha facilitates various group intensives throughout the year both in-person and online. Participating in a group coaching intensive is a more cost-effective way to engage in coaching on a consistent basis amongst a group of like-minded individuals who are ready to bring their dreams into reality. 

If you're interested in learning about the current group intensive opportunities in your area, click the link below. 

experiential mixers

Alisha strongly believes in the power of providing transformative group experiences through curating unique events that uplift your mood and guide you to an elevated state.

As an experience curator her mission is to help attendees feel connected and uplifted in a safe and entertaining environment amongst positive, like-minded individuals. 

Alisha uses a collaborative model as she brings together experts, influencers, products and services to provide an experience that engages the senses and leaves attendees feeling elevated and renewed. Fusing the creative arts with concepts from the psychological & neurological sciences, she offers a totally different approach to your typical event!  

Her events are entertaining and interactive with an added layer of depth and purpose.