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Through the ABC Methodology, Alisha approaches coaching holistically, taking into consideration your uniqueness and the factors that make you who you are. 

Alisha believes disconnection from one's truth can lead to feeling fragmented, detached and out of control of oneself and one's life. She incorporates evidence-based methods proven to help restructure your brain, alter your thoughts and beliefs, and trigger high-performing behavior.

The ABC Methodology involves three simple stages, designed to guide you through self-awareness, clarity, and the reawakening of your creative, emotional, and intuitive intelligences. 

Curly Model

During the Reveal Stage, Alisha helps you identify your big, scary, seemingly impossible dreams and goals. She assists you with creating a clear picture of what you truly desire for your life. She then helps you intentionally move from your dreams rather than your current undesired circumstances. 

Focusing on identifying unhelpful subconscious patterns and habits helps you gain a sense of clarity, purpose and power. 

Using proven clinical interviewing methods, Alisha helps you become aware of how these unhelpful subconscious routines are showing up in your day-to-day life. She then guides you through creating a new narrative, forming new habits and designing a blueprint for your ideal life.

By the end of this stage you'll have successfully identified your dream future, and constructed a sustainable strategy and action plan to begin creating it. 

Model Shouting

In the Release Stage, you'll start eliminating the unhelpful habits identified in Stage 1. Releasing these thought and behavior patterns and replacing them with new, empowering internal conversations and belief systems. You'll do this by focusing your attention on the thoughts that propel you in the direction of the dream life.

Alisha uses techniques inspired by the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model. This is a solution-focused form of psychotherapy that helps modify dysfunctional thoughts, emotions and behaviors. She incorporates her favorite approach, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping, to help dismantle and release your stored blocks and limiting beliefs. This revolutionary technique, based on ancient Eastern healing practices, is a proven, highly effective way to tap into your body's healing power. 

In this stage, you'll experience ascended consciousness, entering into a new way of perceiving yourself and the world around you. This creates space for new opportunities that were blocked by your former subconscious patterns.  As you progress through the Release Stage, you'll begin seeing the fruits of your labor; experiencing small and big successes, strengthening your level of trust in your own creative brilliance.

The Renew Stage focuses on deepening your connection with your intuitive guide. Alisha assists you with cranking up the volume of this all-knowing resource that's been ignored for so long. 

This deepened connection allows you to advance to a higher level of emotional consciousness. You'll begin to experience more clarity in your decision making and sharpness in your thinking. 

By the end of this stage, life will feel more fluid and enjoyable, successes will feel effortless, and you'll have developed the skills to continue your journey of creation powerfully and independently. As your coaching process comes to a close, you'll feel equipped to handle future transitions and obstacles with control and confidence!

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