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21-day self concept course 

A 21-day guided experience where you will completely GLOW UP in your self-concept. This course will leave you feeling worthy, deserving, confident and powerful!



-21 daily intentions
-21 powerful daily decrees
-21 interactive daily activations
-21 daily inspirational videos to  keep you engaged!
-Super effective guided meditations
-All the tools you need to become an enhanced version of yourself!

7-day sp (Specific Person) course

A guided experience to assist you with preparing for your dream partner! 


-7 daily intentions
-7 powerful daily decrees
-7 interactive daily activations
-7 daily inspirational videos to keep you motivated!

-Powerful guided meditations and visualizations to activate your mind, body and emotions to align with your ideal partner. 

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14-day body image course
Body Image Course promo.jpg

In this 14-day immersive experience, you will have a brand new understanding of how to love your body, connect with your body, and initiate healing and physical modifications in your body; all by using the power of your mind!  


-14 daily intentions
-14 super powerful daily decrees
-14 interactive daily activations
-14 daily inspirational videos to  keep you engaged!
-Quality guided meditations and visualizations (including the 3-step formula to body harmonization) 
-All the tools you need to master your body by shifting it into it's most healthiest state! 

7-day miracle maker course

A guided experience to assist you with tapping into your higher mind, quieting your programmed mind, and igniting your natural miracle making power!


-7 interactive daily activations
-7 daily inspirational videos to keep you motivated and educated on how to navigate and process your mind in order to help you ignite your miracle making powers in new ways!

-Powerful sleeping subliminals and waking subliminals to help you leverage your inner divine queen/king! This is the part of you that naturally creates miracles effortlessly and efficiently. 

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7-day Money miracles
money miracles course .jpg

This course takes you through 7 days of powerful exercises and prayers to assist you with tapping into the vibration of wealth, abundance and prosperity! 


Wealth is your birthright! Are you ready to tap into it in a new way? Alisha initially designed this as an online experiment during the pandemic in 2020 with 10 individuals who were looking to create money miracles in their lives.


Click "Learn More" below to see the takeaways her group gathered during this experiment. Because it was so successful, she decided to package it as a course to assist people like you who are looking to adjust your mindset in new ways to open up to the flow of abundance and prosperity everyday!

let love in 

Are you feeling blocked in your romantic life, money life, career life, or are your circumstances not matching up with how you want to experience your world?

Love is the source of all abundance. When we are blocked from love within ourselves, we are blocking the flow of Jesus moving through us in all forms of love including romance, money, dream career, dream home, travel, family harmony, high-value friendships, etc.

There is a massive amount of love waiting to be activated in you and unleashed into your physical reality, are you ready for it??

During this workshop you’ll receive the following:

-transformative guided group meditation

-intensive activations to release blockages and attachments to all things that don’t align with love and integrate the high-level frequency of love in your mind and body in new ways

-deep group prayer to further upgrade to the unconditional love vibration into your mind and spirit

-opportunity for personalized live coaching

FYI- Once you purchase, you’ll be redirected to a page that has the link to access the replay for the workshop. Be sure to read this so you can get the link!

activate your baddie

This is for you if you're ready to drastically shift your confidence in your body!

After you leave this workshop, you'll feel like there is NO competition in your reality. You will feel like the "IT" woman/man in your reality. You will be fully immersed in your BADDIE energy and will feel unapologetically confident in all that makes you you!

This is for you if you're tired of comparing yourself to others, feeling unattractive and undesired and if you're ready to finally lean into all the amazingness that you are! If you're ready, then I'm more than ready to help you get there! Let's gooo!

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