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7-day miracle maker course

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You know you have natural miracle making abilities right?

It's easy to bypass our personal power and ability to initiate the miracle making process because it sounds like some inaccessible supernatural phenomenon that only special individuals have access to. 

Are you ready to be surprised at what you can actually access within yourself? 

Alisha prides herself on helping individuals like yourself naturalize miracles and learn how easy it is to ignite their own ability to manifest miracles with ease and efficiency. 

It all boils down to your ability to listen to your higher mind, and lower the volume on your thinking/programmed mind.

Sounds simple right? 
It is! 

what's included?


-7 interactive daily activations
-7 daily inspirational videos to keep you motivated and educated on how to navigate and process your mind in order to help you ignite your access to God's miraculous power!

-Powerful sleeping subliminals and waking subliminals to help you leverage your inner queen/king! This is the part of you that can receive miracles naturally because you feel worthy of them!

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