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accelerated manifestation coaching

includes four 1-hour coaching sessions

$2000 investment


Do you have an idea to create something new, 

but don't know where to start?

Have you already begun the initial steps towards bringing your idea into fruition,

but feel tons of resistance or a decrease in momentum? 

Or maybe you're currently experiencing a major life transition and are struggling with

redefining the new you; stepping into that version of yourself with power and confidence.


Accelerated Manifestation Coaching is designed to speed up your process of creation,

propelling you towards that new reality you envision in your imagination! 

We all have blindspots that interfere with our process of creating new and exciting experiences in our lives.

We also tend to limit our imagination; depriving ourselves of the big possibilities available to us. 

This coaching program helps:

  • reveal your blindspots

  • expand your imagination and creativity

  • cultivate strong manifestation skills

  • accelerate your process towards creating your desired outcome

By the end of your four sessions, you will either have created the outcome you desire, or applied the necessary actions to access your goal quicker and more effectively. Using proven tools and techniques, you will learn how to manifest the reality you desire with more ease, clarity and confidence! 


" I really appreciated that she focused on partnering and "mining the well" with me to achieve my goals, rather than reliance on her as the solution. She really empowers her clients to be their own solution as they evolve and grow into better versions of themselves."

"I ended up reaching a professional milestone and attracting the business that I wanted after putting Alisha's tools into practice. She is highly skilled at identifying the personal perspectives that are  preventing progress. I would definitely recommend her as a life coach for any stage of personal or professional development."

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