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online group coaching

"Alisha listened, she challenged me, she empathized with me and I grew so much! I like to reflect back on our conversations, on my writing assignments and look at how far I have come. It has truly been a worthwhile ride. I would encourage anyone to reach out to Alisha so that she can assist in your growth. It will be worth it. Believe me!"

Are you looking for a network of like-minded women who dream as big as you? 

Do you want to be challenged in ways that will propel you towards your big vision quickly? 

Has it been difficult for you to find a circle of women who are on your same wave length? 

Queens' Circle may be for you. This exclusive group of ambitious women provides a space where you can think big unapologetically. A space where you're immersed in your dream and nudged to take action in a new way. A space where you are no longer the most interesting person in the group, but are surrounded by individuals who inspire you to level up. 

Being a part of a collective brings new insight, increases self-accountability, and provides a revealing mirror; reflecting your talents, skills and gifts in a transforming way.

you have two options:

live group

investment: $1000

-This group involves 8 weekly 1.5-hour Zoom sessions; totaling 12 hours of face-time with Alisha and your group members.

-You're given weekly challenges to test yourself in new and exciting ways, and access to a closed Facebook group where you'll be able to engage with your group throughout the weeks.



-You have the opportunity to engage in Hot-seat Coaching with Alisha during the live sessions. 




-You have access to one individual coaching session with Alisha.

marco polo group

investment: $500

If you aren't able to meet live on a weekly basis but still want to be a part of Queens' Circle, this option provides you more flexibility.

-You and 7 other group members are immersed in a unique group setting where you can tap in as often as you'd like with questions, concerns, and uplifting words to share with your group members. 

-Through the Marco Polo phone app, Alisha tunes in with questions, challenges and feedback throughout the week.

-You also have access to the closed Facebook group, where you can be a part of the Queens' Circle larger community.


If this sounds like something you've been searching for, let's see if you'd be a good fit by scheduling your discovery call!  

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