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with impurities or unwanted elements having been removed



purified, clarified, clear, rectified, enlightened, perceptive, discerning, gracious, impeccable

Let's get refind af! 
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Body Image Course

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Research has proven that we have the power to master our health and physicality through our concentrated thoughts and intentions. In Alisha's Body Image Course, you'll spend 14 days with her guidance to becoming head over heels in love with your miraculous body, and understanding the simple process of creating alterations in your inner and outer body through the power of your thoughts.

She incorporated her clinical psychology expertise, neuroscience, and the scientific & spiritual laws of manifestation to curate her effective 3-step formula to initiating deliberate change in specific areas of your body:
Phase #1: Connecting with your body

Phase #2: Initiating healing
Phase #3:Isolated stimulation

She's also curated various "activations" (like guided meditations and visualizations) to assist you with successfully implementing this 3-step formula to your day-to-day life.

What's included?

-14 daily intentions
-14 super powerful daily affirmations
-14 interactive daily activations
-14 daily inspirational videos to keep you engaged and focused!
-Quality guided meditations and visualizations (including the 3-step formula to effective body modification)
-All the tools you need to master your body with your thoughts and intentions by shifting it into it's most healthiest state!

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